GSS are not only the leaders in next-gen Eurofighter Typhoon testing solutions today, we also have technical expertise and foresight to ensure we stay at the top of our game for tomorrow’s avionics systems landscape.

We are constantly monitoring trends, developing our Eurofighter Typhoon software and hardware testing solutions, and listening to the feedback and sectoral concerns of our clients. We are proud of our reputation, and it is important to our company’s philosophy of excellence that we offer:

The best people

GSS employs people with considerable expertise in databus testing, who can understand and relate to your needs and work in partnership with you to create effective solutions.

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The right tools for you

Our highly modular software and hardware testing solutions are easily relatable to other platforms with complex databus testing requirements. Additional project or customer specific tools can be developed by GSS or by yourselves, to better automate, monitor, or visualise your particular system or test procedure.

We offer the right equipment to help you:

  • Save time developing test projects
  • Detect faults with greater ease
  • Automate your data analysis

Our products have an impressive track record as key elements in major test projects, engineering system development, systems integration testing and aircraft ground support equipment programmes. We are committed to developing cutting-edge, reliable and versatile aerospace software and hardware of excellent quality, while delivering peerless customer support.

Rapid response

We aim to outperform our competitors by providing a fast turnaround in product design, and development of custom hardware and software solutions. With a creative, bespoke service, we will turn your issues into solutions within a few weeks.

A diverse range

We are constantly working to extend, develop and refine our range of software and hardware to meet your needs. If you can’t see what you are looking for, contact us.

Unmatched service

Above all, we offer wraparound 24 hour support and advice. Whatever your needs during any stage of our work with you, we’ll be available to draw on our own expertise and ensure you get a reliable and effective testing solution.

We offer decades of experience in avionics development, simulation and testing. It is our expansive industry expertise and experience in the field that has earned GSS its reputation of trust, reliability and innovation among our customers.

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