GSS are the leaders in next-generation avionics technology and test equipment. We create and develop specialised avionics technology to meet your every need, and ensure you get the job done right first time.

We are unique in offering more than simple off-the-shelf avionics and aerospace technology solutions. We can also develop bespoke test cases and procedures, and automate and visualise them to help you feel confident that every part of your system works in every possible scenario. We are constantly working to extend, develop and refine our range to match your requirements.

Bespoke solutions

GSS offer a framework of devices encompassing multiple avionics and aerospace technology elements. The modular nature of our products means we can tailor a solution to the many unique challenges you face.

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In Service Support

Test your systems while in service and enjoy complete clarity and visibility across the entire process. On top of all this, you can benefit from a contract with GSS that offers 24 hour support and advice.

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Leading hardware

Our hardware includes high performance interface cards for a number of databus protocols, each available with different interfacing options, and designed to connect to your aircraft databases with ease of installation and use.

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Cutting-edge software

Integrating with our interface cards, our versatile GSS software tools are the complete package, enabling the effective set up and monitoring of aircraft information. GSS100 was developed from first-hand experience with leading test engineers and is considered to be the most advanced databus analysis tool available today.

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