GSS offer a wide range of databus interface hardware and software tools supporting Mil-1553, STANAG 3910, EFABus Express plus others. The modular nature of our products mean we can tailor a solution to the many unique challenges you face.

With GSS, you can:

  • Define an avionics databus test system consisting of multiple channels of mixed protocols
  • Access an extensive “library” of modular test tools
  • Develop your own test tools to add to the library
  • Use bespoke hardware products to solve particular problems
  • Integrate with Matlab and Similink
  • Test MIL-STD-1553, STANAG 3910, EFABus Express, plus other databus standards

Here are a few ways we can work with you to provide tailored solutions through our peerless aerospace technology:

Protocol Independence

Our signals module interprets raw data and displays it as engineering units. These can either be based on standards, such as Arinc 429, or specifically defined by the user.

Because GSS Signals are protocol independent, it gives you, the engineer, the power to compare, manipulate and transfer data between channels and protocols while the avionics databus is active and during recorded analysis.

Custom Tools and Simulations

GSS Scripts have the ability to create repeatable tests where any changes to the avionics databus can be quickly identified and investigated.

Our scripts allow you to design virtual panels and generate a range of graphical tools – including representations of cockpit controls and the visual display of databus traffic.

GSS Scripts can also be used on recorded data: you can generate complex analysis scripts for formal testing or during ad hoc investigations.

Our Scripting IDE Tool provides you with a full scripting IDE in which to develop your own custom tools.

Customise GSS100 for your project or company

The modular architecture of our GSS100 avionics databus product makes it possible to develop tool packages for a specific project or customer.

This example tool enables application software to be loaded over a 1553 or 3910 databus to multiple modules on multiple RTs simultaneously. The tool also allows errors to be injected into the loading protocol to test an RTs operation.

Contact us, and let us know what your avionics databus development and testing needs are, and we’ll be able to advise on how we could help.

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