GSS Avionics has been providing high-performance interface cards and ground support equipment to the avionics industry for more than 10 years. We work closely with you to understand the features you need.


Versatile and easy-to-use

We provide a range of high-performance interface cards for a number of databus protocols including MIL-STD-1553, STANAG-3910 and EFABus Express, each available with different interfacing options. Our interface cards are designed to connect to your aircraft databases with ease of installation and use.

All our cards come with a powerful API to enable you to integrate with your own applications. Alternatively the GSS100 application provides a powerful Windows GUI to simplify the use of multiple cards of mixed protocol.

Our unique high performance products support a number of different formats including PCI, Compact PCI, Compact PCI Serial and PCI Express. A Gigabit Ethernet interface is available. Designed to be capable of providing a multifunction bus controller, RT simulation and Bus monitoring, our interface cards allow you to detect low level protocol faults, and also inject faults for testing.

Highly-portable and rugged

Around the size of a paperback book, GSS data boxes provide a highly , portable solution to your Mil-Std-1553 testing, stimulation or monitoring needs. They require just a DC power supply and an Ethernet connection to a controlling PC.

Multiple data boxes can be connected together using a switch to create a highly-configurable system.

Our powerful range of tools is available to stimulate, monitor and analyse the Mil-Std-1553 databus protocol, including:

  • The system overview tool: gives a graphical representation of the overall state of the 1553 databus. Controls the RT simulation, bus monitoring and bus controller functions.
  • RT configuration tool: provides detailed access to the configuration of a selected remote terminal
  • Transaction list tool: allows you to define the transfers you want to simulate (or that you expect to monitor)
  • Stack list tool: displays a chronological list of a recorded stack
  • Bus loading tool: provides an alternative view of a stack recording
  • Entry details tool: displays a detailed view of the currently selected stack entry
  • Activity tool: displays either the live activity counts or the activity counts for a stack recording
  • RT activity tool: gives a detailed view of the activity related to a specific RT
  • Raw SA/BC data tool: used to monitor or edit the data in a raw SA or BC buffer

A number of ground support equipment options are currently available. Call us detailing your requirements, as we may be able to develop these further according to your bespoke needs.

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