We understand it’s expensive to have an aircraft on the ground, and faults need to be identified quickly and efficiently. That’s why we have developed a range of portable, ruggedised, battery powered solutions to help you quickly get to the problem and resolve it.

In Service Support

GSS Avionics creates complete solutions by offering you a partnership approach – our success comes from listening to you and understanding your needs.

We therefore offer varying levels of in service avionics support including:

  • First Line Support, where rapid deployment without the need for external power, enables instant visibility of system state, and capturing of data for later analysis.
  • Second Line Support, where LRIs can be stimulated with test procedures to determine serviceability and whether a return to supplier is necessary.
  • Third Line Support, where the wide range of analysis tools can be used to perform detailed diagnostic testing.

Where competitors offer unwieldy systems for diagnosis, we provide an innovative interface card housed in a rugged box for ease of use, anywhere. With just an Ethernet cable, you can connect to any laptop to simply view and access the information you need. It is designed specifically for use very close to the aircraft, with the operator working at a safe working distance and what’s more, the hardware can house up to seven interface cards to handle multiple databus channels.

We frequently work with Tier 1 and 2 suppliers to develop bespoke in-service solutions. Typically, these adopt a collaborative approach integrating customer proprietary systems with GSS Avionics hardware and software.

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