Developed through our first-hand experience with top avionics test engineers, our highly-acclaimed GSS100 software is at the cutting edge of databus analysis.

Cutting-edge software

GSS100 is considered to be the most advanced databus analysis tool available. It exists to help engineers work more effectively – supporting and enhancing the avionics databus development and testing process.

Innovative and simple-to-use

GSS100 can save time when setting up test environments, repeating tests and identifying faults. It has proved its worth in major test projects, equipment development, systems integration testing, aircraft ground support equipment programmes and in support of flight trials.

With GSS100 you can:

  • Connect to any number of supported databus channels.
  • Quickly create complex test projects using the extensive library of generic and protocol specific tools.
  • Write custom tools using the built in VB Scripting capabilities to automate testing or analysis, or to provide your own visual representation of the state of your system.
  • Import Transaction lists and Signal definitions from your own databases.
  • Filter Bus Recordings and view across multiple channels within the same time correlated “Stack List” tool.
  • Export all or a filtered set of recorded data in CSV format for further analysis.

Meeting your standards

All of our interface cards are designed to fully implement the relevant databus standard. We detect and report any parameter that falls outside of the specification. Customers have reported that we often detect errors that competitor’s products fail to report. Our interface cards synchronise precisely, allowing multiple channels of mixed protocol to be combined in a single test system.

As well at the high level GSS100 analyser software, our interface cards also come with a low level portable C++ API Library, offering you the ability to access and integrate with all the features and functions of the hardware, meaning you can use all the products together with your own system, with absolute confidence.

We have created a number of powerful GUI tools – some designed for a specific protocol, others common to all. These include analysis tools that allow you to quickly view and understand the messages sent on various channels – providing a clear picture of the loading levels, detected errors and timing information in a graphical format.

Our bus monitor tools also give you a chronological listing of the messages sent on various channels. By sorting, filtering, searching and plotting, you can examine and interrogate on both live and recorded data during analysis.

We are unique in offering more than simple off-the-shelf solutions. We specialise in the development of bespoke hardware and software solutions and automate and visualise them so you feel confident that every part of your system works in every possible scenario. We are constantly working to extend, develop and refine our range to meet your future needs.

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